An Introduction to Servant Leadership….and more

Wednesday the 10th of February marked the first DO PM of 2016. It reminded me that ‘the DPM meetup idea’ we had back in Autumn 2014 has since become an established event which has been running for well over a year.  It’s been really great to see a consistent crowd of familiar faces and every event always brings a new arrival and more often than not we receive lovely feedback like this. Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 12.30.45

To kick off 2016 we were really lucky to have Gez Smith, talking about Servant Leadership. Rather than me writing about it. You can watch the whole talk below (another first for DO PM – our first recording):

Gez is director of Bunny Picnic, which offers training and consultancy in agile servant leadership and agile communications. Find out more at

My key takeaways were:

  • Servant Leadership is a topic that has a depth of academic thinking behind it
  • Being a servant leader is extremely challenging and while its a likely path to personal and job satisfaction it doesn’t always mean you will do well in your career especially if you are in organizations that don’t value servant leaders
  • Many organisations are structured to put the needs of the CEO first and the needs of the customer last
  • Being a servant leader can turn the job of PM or Scrum Master into a deeply fulfilling, almost spiritual vocation.

It was a great talk and certainly inspired a number of attendees.

Following up for Gez’s talk we were lucky enough to debut two new speakers. One of our missions for 2016 is to have more talks from within the DO PM community and to provide a safe space for people to talk for the first time.

Melissa Wilson was brave enough to become our first new speaker of 2016. Melissa is a DPM at Incuna and gave a fascinating talk on the perils of transitioning an agency from a waterfall process to an agile process. Melissa has done an incredible job at Incuna often having to go ‘undercover’ to show how certain agile processes would benefit the wider company. once the results of these had proved themselves they were quickly adopted.

You can view Mel’s slide – complete with awesome cat Gifs here:


Charlie Davidson, DPM at Ridgeway Digital gave a fascinating round up of DPM:UK 16. His talk showed how the DPM community is growing year on year in the UK. There were so many knowledge shares from his talk that we can’t reproduce them all here, but it was testement to what a thriving, exciting industry it is to be part of.

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